Noca Clean Energy (NCE) is striving to be one of the largest energy companies, fixated on producing Zero carbon electricity. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Noca Inc, and one of North America’s fastest growing commodity firms.

Noca Clean Energy, is positioned to lead the developing world on their transformation to clean, environmentally friendly energy, that provides innovative next-generation technology solutions and services to the energy industry. The Noca Team believes energy independence is fundamental to the growth of any economy, with an extensive environmental community. Our primary focus is the deployment of the Digital Magnetic Inducer Generator (DMIG) commercially, and building alliances with governments and utility companies. Our goal is to include the DMIG as a part of their energy mix.

Noca Clean Energy brings many years of international business experiences, technology transfer and moderation to developing countries. We streamline energy infrastructure projects, and bring the emerging markets into the 21st century with energy independence.


Corporate social responsibility

We will work toward creating a business environment that is free from corruption, and will uphold the Anti-Corruption Principles for Corporations in Canada and the United State of America. Countries in which we operate through our channel partners, will also be required to uphold the Anti-Corruption Principles.
We prohibit bribery, and ensure that our charitable and environmental contributions, and sponsorships are transparent and will not be for the purpose of attempting to influence the recipient, into an improper exercise of functions, duties, or judgement. Our Code of Conduct guides our employees towards ethical and accountable behaviour at all times, with a focus on environmental imitative awareness. We will apply appropriate sanctions for violations of the code.


The Noca Corporate Home Office is situated in the heart of Toronto and Houston. Our operations span throughout Canada and the U.S. with corporate offices in several countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Europe


Strategic Alliances and Customer Partnership

Customer partnership is a shared journey to create a future for both parties that is better than either could have developed alone. Our customers influence every aspect of our business and are the foundation of Noca Clean Energy organization’s success. In today’s turbulent times of rapid and chaotic change, no force is more grounding and stabilizing than a partnership with customers, and strategic alliances, with governments and corporations. Our parent company Noca Inc, has 15 years of relationship building experience with over 86 Countries. Supplying: petroleum products, raw materials, mining, construction and agricultural products.

Partnership is more than just a title; it requires commitment to forging long-term relationships that create synergies of knowledge, security, and adaptability for both parties.

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