Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
The Honorable Datuk Sir , KRSS (Knight of the Royal Order of Sulu & Sabah)

Collin Haughton; Beginning his business pursuit young, attended Centennial College and then Ryerson university. Shortly after graduating, Collin Haughton joined the Automotive industry in 1996 where he held various management positions.

It was not until 1999 when Collin Haughton Started HTL Transport and Air Charter. In the past nine years he has helped to provide Tier one logistic service around the world, having acquiring ISO designation; His influence and impact was so far reaching that he seamless migrated in the world of commodities and the energy sector.

Collin Haughton is also the CEO and President of Noca Inc, His success comes from his focus on the long-term growth of the company taking into consideration the changes in the market and the needs of the developing Countries.

Collin Haughton, current Noca Instrument Global Chairman and CEO; The recipient of the Cadillac Technology and Innovation award for 2014. Noca Instrument is a research and development for wireless telecommunication.


President of NOCA Clean Energy Africa

Felix Achibiri is the visionary and executive chairman/founder of DFC Holdings Limited a privately owned internationally diversified African company which was set up to seize the increased multiplicity of investment opportunities in Nigeria and the African Continent.

Prior to the setup of DFC Holdings, Felix was the Pioneer Managing Director/CEO of Rural Steel Bridging Company, a company incorporated in 2006, that specializes in the design, supply, construction and commissioning of galvanized modular steel bridges in Nigeria with Technical support from Messr Us Bridge of Cambridge Ohio, U.S.A a renowned global name in the design and manufacturing of steel bridges and general infrastructure.

With a career spanning two decades he started his career with Falcom Petroleum Limited representing the interest of Clemco Industries Limited a member of the Reliance Group having graduated from the University Of Port Harcourt where he majored in Marketing. Felix has brought his wealth of experience and knowledge to Noca group of companies, working closely with the CEO and Chairman to meet our global initiative within the developing Countries.


Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Gasper Santaguida served as Chief Financial Officer of Avante Security Corp. Mr. Santaguida is responsible for the overall financial management of Avante Security including accounting, finance, treasury and planning, with a particular emphasis on Client Portfolio Management. He is a financial management and accounting professional with over 20 years experience in the security industry. He also served as Controller of the Systems & Technology Division at Securitas Canada Inc.


Executive Director, Chairman of Noca Clean Energy Europe

His Excellency, The Right Honorable Baron Sir Andreas Harms has a long, eventful and successful career in business and industry.

At the young age of 18, he brought his first Real Estate company to South American countries. There here ran a successful venture for many years and learned fluent Spanish in the process.

In addition, he became a figure in the tourism and casino industry. At the age of 25, he established his first retail company with a focus on global trade, imports and exports of utility, municipal and military vehicles in Europe.

With a love for art, Sir Harms got involved in the international business of buying, selling and collecting art works of great artists.

Today, His Excellency Baron Sir Andreas Harms is involved in various organizations holding positions of great responsibility.

He occupies two (2) leading positions as Royal Deputy Foreign Minister and as Royal Minister for Energy in the Royal Cabinet of His Majesty Sultan Fuad A. Kiram I, The Sultan of Sulu & The Sultan of Sabah, Head of Sultanate, 35th Reigning Sultan.


Director of Finance

Franklin Christon, Cameron University B.S. in business management, Managing Director, J&K International Group LLC an African Continental project management and funding company December 2012 to present, Managing Director Sovereign Nation Funding LLC providing global financial services for impoverished countries 2014 to present, Noca Clean Energy INC. Executive board member, Director of Finance, President of Ghana and Zimbabwe clean power operations, Managing Director GM Microfinance Ghana Limited, Economics Advisor Funder to several African Countries Mali, Niger, Bakina Faso, Central African Republic, Congo Brazzaville, and Zimbabwe


Vice President

Nigel Bacquie is the Chief Operating Officer of NOCA Inc Canada. His extensive experience in management and sales, has been exemplified through his ability to oversee daily corporate operations. His qualifying attributes are clearly evident, as he pays keen attention to detail by utilizing his goal-oriented approach to every business venture.

Over the course of his 20+ year career in various executive management positions, Nigel has gained a wealth of knowledge that has helped to propel his success within NOCA inc. by bringing a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to the company.

Nigel is a powerful business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision have carried multiple companies through rapid and continuos growth; from hospitality management, director of sales and opertaions, business development management, owning a security company and holding increasingly senior level executive positions in a number of global companies.

In every company, Nigel has achieved outstanding personal and team results. He finds his greatest motivation in coaching others to perform above and beyond expectations.

Nigel is distinguished by his passion for business, his focus on collaborative team building and his commitment to meeting corporate demands. When not working Nigel can be found spending time on either the football or soccer fields with his two energetic sons.


VP of Sales Canada

Justin Booth, Co-Founder of Conscious Media Coalition, Strategic Partnerships at Collective Evolution, founder of Just Incredible Consulting, founder of The Global Unity Project, CEO & Founder of, is a Visionary Leader, Speaker and Consultant. Justin speaks and collaborates around the world with corporations, small business and entrepreneurs to assist them to "up level" their businesses through his extensive global network of resources. With great passion and dedication, he provides expertise in all areas of business consulting including research and development, marketing, sales, strategic alliances, customer acquisition management, operational efficiency, customer service and as brand ambassador.